Guidelines for all Muezzins (writers) for the Azaan (writes)

All the writes, blogs and articles relating and concerning to Islamic topics and content, must be provided with the references (source from where that knowledge or information was derived), if not for the large audience by placing the references and quotations in between the articles, then at least for the editors, so they may recheck and verify the authenticity.

Be easy on the eyes

- use short paragraphs and simple vocabulary
- avoid using of passive tense
- address your readers directly
- avoid gobbledygook
- use no more than 500-600 words

Get creative

- use as many as relevant pictures as possible (but not too many)
- spice up your article with relevant gifs and info-graphs where ever possible and relevant
- if you're writing a DIY/ food or fashion column, pair up your article with relevant pictures as you go along.
- a little humor never hurts anyone

Be bold

- highlight the message you want to convey and if you're feeling particularly strong about the issue, give it the 'ol italic or underline
- be bold in choosing your topic for the article
- use subheadings if you feel that a mass chunk of information has been produced in one go

Play nice

do not use abusive language
- do not make false assumptions or spread rumors about the person you are basing your article on.
- remember that you have a duty to your readers, so always fact check your articles
- inappropriate articles should be avoided
- remember that you are projecting the identity of a Momin through your writing. So make sure, you are projecting a good image
- do not plagiarize

Just between you and me

- your articles should be around the concept of being a Momin.
- never make the readers feel like you're imposing your values/believes on them
- always write to inspire
- be sure your articles portray that being a Momin in today's world neither difficult nor wrong or to be afraid of. It'll be your contribution to combating Islamophobia