Tujhe samajhna meri samajh se bahar hai, Tu toh mere liye ek paheli hai! ⁣
Bat do hai, pehli meri auqat nahi, aur dusri k isme meri nah-ehli bhi hai, ⁣
To fathom You is out of my intellect’s reach, You are for me incomprehensible! ⁣
There are two things, first is lowness of my status, second is that in it there is also my incompetency! ⁣
Tu Awwal bhi Akhir bhi hai, Tu toh Lazawal hai, sawal phir b hai magar Tu kya hai?⁣
Nazron ko aisi nazar mile, jigar ko mere tu dikhe,⁣
Qaid hai ruh jism k andar, toh sat Mai nafs/ana bhi hai, mere liye toh yeh masla marhala hai! ⁣
You’re the First also the Last, You’re the everlasting, ⁣
Though the question remains what are You? ⁣
May eyes find such a sight, so to my heart may You become evident, ⁣
Imprisoned is soul inside the body, and so is ego, for me this is the issue of great difficulty. ⁣
Tu chahaton se pare hai, yeh Teri Khudai ki khususiyat nahi toh phir kya hai? ⁣
Meri nafs pe toh musalsal chahaton ka chadha silsila hai, ⁣
Yun ulfat Mai tere fana hojaon k sab hojaye hasil, chahat Mai garche Tu miljaye toh phir duniya Mai mere liye aur bacha kya rakha hai?! ⁣
You’re beyond the chains of wishes, if it isn’t the characteristic of Your Godliness then what is? ⁣
On my heart is an ever progressing chain of wishes, ⁣
In Your love may I die such that I get everything! ⁣
If my wish becomes You, then what else would be left for me in this world?! ⁣
Author: Syed Mukhtar Razi.


Dr. Syed Mukhtar Razi, is a doctorate of pharmacy by profession but a writer and poet by heart. He has shared the landscape of his thoughts, circumstances and current affairs through his portal fervor ink, insta and FB pages. With the desire to explore and expand his skills, currently working as a freelance content writer at MS Research foundation, his fervor is to setup an entrepreneurial venture, where he could create job opportunities for as many people and to endorse and promote halal brands.

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