The wisdom behind the pain and suffering


Let us topple down the mountain of grief and sufferance, to look beyond our oblivion into the wisdom behind, of the Divine.


Life is as uncertain as it is. One may never possibly comprehend the happenings or the forthcoming events of life — likewise, the disasters or such calamities of life which could throw one into the aura of suffering. There was, and is, no man on earth who hasn’t faced tragedies or was prone to distress, sadness, pain and or sufferings. Life is full of happening of events, and one would surely have to experience from birth until upon death-bed. It is a maze full of triumphs and losses, laughter and tears, highs and lows, love and blows, euphoria and melancholy.

The unsurprising truth of life is that it is a pack full of inevitable surprising events, trials and tribulations. This pain and sufferings could be due to a multitude of reasons, like one could be the reason for his suffering caused due to his own negligence and carelessness. Probably the other possible reasons could be perhaps the natural disasters like cyclone, earthquakes and much more or any cataclysms, and furthermore sufferings like that of the tyrant ruler, enemies, injustice in the society etc. Nevertheless, it is all either directly or indirectly and comes from Allah, for as tests, a warning, or a punishment, but more as a part of His Mercy, to nurture and grow us to successively reach our final abode.

And it is never in the hand of a man to win control over the course of events of his life. The believer believes that whatever good or bad that comes in one’s way is from Allah. It is He, Supreme under whose feet lies all power. If we enlighten ourselves with the meaning and purpose of life and Allah’s intelligent design, it comes into our awareness that the purpose of life in itself is a test, a journey of trials and tribulations, with an ultimate goal to reach paradise. The love of Allah is infinite more times than that of a mother towards her child. Then why does Allah put us all to tests, such trials and tribulations and make us suffer hurt and pain? It is due to the lack of knowledge of Allah’s wisdom and our faith in Him that we emanate such questions. Burning the lantern of the faculty of our mind to understand the divine wisdom, we see our whole life as or is, Allah parenting us, all the hardships that we face in life are to nurture and nourish our transcendental being, soul and to raise our rank such that we reach paradise. Allah wants us all to be in heaven and so by all the circumstances and situations, He makes sure that we learn and grow emotionally and spiritually, yet still bestowing the freedom of independence to make choices and decisions through rejoicing free will. To summarize: the progress of man is based upon the upsets and at the core of every upset, Allah has bestowed upon a man a setup.

It is the wisdom or the virtue of patience with which we encounter our suffering that makes it endurable or bearable. The hardships and the sorrowful calamities that we face on earth in our lives, many a time erects a wall between Allah and us and take the soul astray. So, let the faith to our heart encapsulate, welcome the pain with acceptance and bear it with such profound patience that the adversity to us must become fruitful. For a true believer sees not the afflictions with the pessimistic view, but from an optimistic lens that it is part of his life’s education, guidance from Allah, for as to refine him, or else otherwise to purge him, or to raise him in his ranks. Instead of to feel glum and depressed, grow sloth and languor, and sulk in oblivion or chasm, in context to question ‘why the affliction?’ One must become observant and keen, bothered or concerned on and about the question ‘how in my best way can I possibly respond to Allah in such situations?’



Author: Syed Mukhtar Razi.





Dr. Syed Mukhtar Razi, is a doctorate of pharmacy by profession but a writer and poet by heart. He has shared the landscape of his thoughts, circumstances and current affairs through his portal fervor ink, insta and FB pages. With the desire to explore and expand his skills, currently working as a freelance content writer at MS Research foundation, his fervor is to setup an entrepreneurial venture, where he could create job opportunities for as many people and to endorse and promote halal brands.

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